We're not a print broker.

In fact, most of our customers are print brokers. Because PrintNET acts as an authorized factory representative, placing your order through PrintNET adds nothing to the cost of your print job. Our fees are paid for by the printer, and because of the volume we are able to commit, we’ve managed to negotiate some very attractive rates. Rates so good, that most of our customers purchase for resale. You get full service printing at a wholesale cost.

We match your project to the right equipment

Many printing orders are taken by companies and produced with inappropriate means on inefficient equipment, simply because the printer has the wrong press for the job. Most printing sales people can only sell the equipment inside their shop, which they try to sell for every printed need. PrintNET examines your printing needs and offers the most cost-effective solution that satisfies your budget requirements and quality standards.

We provide on-time delivery.

Delivery schedules are limited by the equipment and manpower availability of the printer. Because PrintNET represents multiple printers, we have greater flexibility in scheduling your deliveries.

We possess comprehensive solutions.

Most print salespersons are knowledgeable in one specific area of printing, whether that be sheeted, web, label, direct mail, or other niche products. Your PrintNET rep is knowledgeable in most every facet of the printing industry, and is highly qualified to understand and coordinate your project.

We communicate

Do you ever feel that your print order disappears into a “black hole” only to be delivered late and somewhat lacking? PrintNET keeps you informed every step of the way, with a printed production schedule provided for each and every project. Should a problem arise, you are notified promptly and given alternatives. No print rep gives more attention to your project.

You save time.

Dealing with PrintNET is like offering your problem to several sales representatives from different companies, to find the best, most cost-effective solution to your printing or mailing project. One phone call to PrintNET saves you time—no longer will you have to interview, provide printing specifications, and follow up with multiple printing vendors.

You save money.

Large national printing firms often possess cost-effective solutions for projects such as yours. The expense of identifying you - the print buyer is huge and can be a significant factor in the price you pay. PrintNET, acting as an authorized factory representative, bridges these cost and coordination problems to provide you with local customer service for remote capabilities.

We’re on your side.

Our interest is in creating solutions to your problems, not in providing revenues to a particular company, as is the case with employed sales persons. Your satisfaction is paramount, and the reason for our success. Our loyalty lies with you, the customer.

Experience firsthand how purchasing your printing through PrintNET can benefit you.
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